Auto Injury & Whiplash Treatment

Proper chiropractic care after an injury is essential to healing your body quickly and effectively.

restore optimal function to the nervous system

Heal from the inside out

A sore, stiff neck and achy back and shoulders are common discomforts from auto accidents. The significant force that impacts your body can cause micro-tears in muscles, leaving you with terrible pain in your body. The sooner you can start therapy, the more quickly your body can return to a balanced and pain-free state!

Make sure to have consistent, proper chiropractic care to heal your body quickly and effectively. Putting off care can result in unbearable long-term pain, discomfort, limited mobility, and functionality of your neck, back, and shoulders. No matter how small your injury, the instability left behind by the impact of an auto accident can have troublesome, long-lasting effects.

NUCCA Chiropractic Care

For Whiplash

NUCCA Chiropractic care can gently and effectively heal your body for a quick recovery from your auto accident. Our team takes the time to understand your individual needs and provide you with specialized care for you to get back to your daily activity pain-free!

Research has shown that NUCCA Chiropractic corrective care decreases pain caused by whiplash injuries. Having regular adjustments with this method can effectively restore proper biomechanics to the entire spine and remove the damage that creates pinched nerves and other neurological symptoms.

Our patients have experienced many different types of relieve from NUCCA Chiropractic care, including:

Decreased neck, shoulder and back pain
Improved range of motion in the cervical spine
Relief from muscle spasms and inflammation
Decreased numbness and tingling of the arms and hands
Restored postural balance and biomechanics
Reduced medical costs
Decreased consumption of prescription painkillers

People of all ages benefit from NUCCA chiropractic care as this method of chiropractic restores optimal function to the nervous system, allowing the body to heal from the inside out, without drugs or surgeries.


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